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Sixscape Communications is a leading provider of next generation digital certificate issuance and management solutions. Sixscape developed two new Internet protocols; Identity Registration Protocol (IRP) and SixChat. The protocols provide strong security and seamless integration with end user applications, and are approved by the Internet Assigned Number Authority (IANA). IRP ensures that both server and client applications are authenticated via digital certificate exchanges. SixChat provides secure end to end direct communications between peer clients.

Sixscape’s PKI-Tool is an automated platform that offers strong authentication and secures end to end communication between clients. PKI-Tool integrates with Thales nShield hardware security modules (HSMs) to protect and manage the cryptographic keys used to sign certificates within a FIPS140-2 Level 3 environment. The core technology offered by Sixscape and the foundation of trust provided by Thales enable secure end to end chat, voice, and file transfers between clients.


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