Vormetric Cloud Encryption Gateway

Bringing Security and Compliance to Cloud Storage

Vormetric Cloud Encryption Gateway

The Vormetric Cloud Encryption Gateway encrypts files before they are saved to cloud storage environments. Security teams gain visibility and control required for sensitive assets used in the cloud. The Vormetric Data Security Manager provides encryption key and policy management for the Cloud Encryption Gateway. With this comprehensive cloud security gateway solution, users retain encryption key control and data never leaves the premises unencrypted or unaccounted for.

Robust Controls

Security teams manage encryption keys and policies on their premises, retaining localized visibility and control.

Visibility and auditability

The Cloud Encryption Gateway provides detailed visibility into data access and features dashboards that offer intuitive insights into usage of cloud storage applications.

Performance and Scalability

Through its virtualized appliance architecture, the Vormetric Cloud Encryption Gateway offers elastic scaling that enables IT teams to efficiently accommodate changing performance and scalability demands.

Virtual Machine

Open Virtualization Format (.ovf) distribution

  • Min. hardware: 4 CPU cores, 4G ram
  • Min. disk: 100GB
Data Security Blades
  • Amazon S3
  • Caringo Object Storage
Authentication Integration
  • LDAP
  • Active Directory (for AWS S3 only)

Solution Brief : Vormetric Cloud Encryption Gateway

The Vormetric Cloud Security Gateway from Thales e-Security encrypts sensitive data before it is saved to Amazon Web Services S3 and compatible cloud storage environments, enabling security teams to establish the visibility and control they need around sensitive assets. Read the solution brief.


Demo : Cloud Data Encryption Myths Debunked

Controlling data encryption and key management is a MUST in the cloud. The Internet of Things. Mobility. The app explosion. Big data. As the Internet continues its dynamic evolution in the cloud, the security threat landscape expands alongside it. And in the middle of it all, data is being delivered, accessed, and stored in more places with more devices. Protecting it is paramount.


White Paper : Vormetric Cloud Encryption Gateway

As organizations grow increasingly reliant upon cloud storage offerings like Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Box and Caringo, the need to secure sensitive data in these environments grows increasingly urgent. With the Vormetric Cloud Encryption Gateway, organizations can encrypt files in cloud storage, enabling a secure and compliant file sharing and storage environment.

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