Reduce Application-Layer Encryption Complexity and Costs

Streamlines the process of adding encryption into existing applications, delivering standards-based APIs that power high-performance cryptographic and key management operations

Vormetric Application Encryption

Vormetric Application Encryption delivers key management, signing, and encryption services enabling comprehensive protection of files, database fields, big data selections, or data in platform-as-a-service (PaaS) environments. One version of the solution is FIPS 140-2 Level-1 certified. The product is, based on the PKCS#11 standard and fully documented with a range of practical, use-case based extensions to the standard including but not limited to Microsoft Crypto Next Generation (CNG). Vormetric Application Encryption eliminates the time, complexity, and risk of developing and implementing an in-house encryption and key management solution while providing secure key management. Development options include a comprehensive, traditional software development kit for a wide range of languages and operating systems as well as a collection of RESTful APIs for the broadest platform support.

Vormetric Application Encryption
Streamline Encryption Implementations

Vormetric Application Encryption simplifies the process of adding key management and encryption to applications. Developers use RESTful API’s, Java, .NET, or C libraries to implement PKCS#11 standards-based solutions. Users of Microsoft Crypto Next Generation simply make standard calls delivering higher key security and secure cryptographic operations.

Secure Cloud and Big Data Environments

With the application encryption solution, you can encrypt specific fields at the application layer, securing sensitive data before it is stored in database, big data, or cloud environments.

Establish Strong Controls

With keys under your control, can have the power to stop compromised DBAs, cloud administrators, hackers, and authorities with subpoenas from gaining unauthorized access to valuable data.

Centralized Key and Policy Management

Vormetric Application Encryption enables centralized key management and control of application-layer encryption. Secure key generation and storage is provided by the Vormetric Data Security Manager. The solution simplifies the data security operations environment, reducing the number of management consoles that administrators have to learn and maintain.

Flexible Implementation Options

Vormetric Application Encryption is available using two programming options: via an installable software development kit (SDK) and run time environment, available for a wide range of operating systems and programming language bindings, and via RESTful API’s. Both options provide access to key management, encryption, signing and other classes of API’s as defined by PKCS#11. The SDK run time environment for Windows Server supports Microsoft CNG.

Fine-Grained Authorization

Solution architectures utilizing RESTful API access to Vormetric Application Encryption gain access to fine-grained authorization for access and use of encryption keys.

Supported development environments

RESTful API, Microsoft .NET 2.0 and higher, Java 7 and 8, C

Integration standard



AES, Format Preserving Encryption (FF1)

Operating systems

Linux, Windows 2008, 2012 and 2016

SDK performance

[SDK] 400,000 credit card size encryption transactions per second (e.g. single thread, 32 core, 16GB, C)

Policy and key administration

Vormetric Data Security Manager

Format Preserving Encryption character support

ASCII, Unicode


FIPS 140-2 Level 1 (SDK Edition)

Product Brief : Vormetric Application Encryption

This product brief provides a comprehensive summary of Vormetric Application Encryption to share with your team. Vormetric Application Encryption enables your team to create encryption and key management applications in almost any environment with a choice of a high-performance runtime environment and corresponding SDK or using RESTful APIs.


White Paper : Vormetric Application Encryption Architecture

Vormetric Application Encryption is typically employed when compliance or regulatory mandates require encryption of specific data or database fields at the application, before data is stored. Vormetric Application Encryption reduces the complexity and costs associated with meeting this requirement. Developers can use either RESTful API’s or libraries for Java, .NET and C to create key management and data encryption applications based on the PKCS#11 standard. This architecture paper goes into detail of the security model for Vormetric Application Encryption and explains the downstream implications of data encryption methods.


Data Sheet : Vormetric Data Security Platform

Vormetric Application Encryption is part of the Vormetric Data Security Platform. The Platform makes it efficient to manage data-at-rest security across your entire organization. Built on an extensible infrastructure, Vormetric Data Security Platform products can be deployed individually, while sharing efficient, centralized key management.


Video : Introduction to Vormetric Application Encryption

This video is a tutorial on the Vormetric Data Security Platform with a detailed look into the use cases for application-layer encryption and an overview of the Vormetric Application Encryption product.

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