BCAA Selects Vormetric Data Security for Enterprise Encryption and Key Management

British Columbia Automotive Association implements Vormetric Data Security to protect customer information across heterogeneous databases, enterprise applications, and document management systems.


British Columbia Automobile Association (BCAA) is a leading provider of emergency roadside assistance, insurance, and travel services. With nearly 790,000 members and $130 million in revenues, BCAA is the largest organization of its kind in B.C. and the fourth largest CAA-affiliated association in Canada. Like thousands of other large enterprises, BCAA needed to protect sensitive customer information and enforce compliance with industry regulations, including the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

PCI DSS mandates include data encryption, protection of stored cardholder data, detailed auditing and logging of all access attempts, and controls on those who are authorized to view or work with the data reliably and securely.

To complicate matters, BCAA had a heterogeneous IT environment which included applications such as Open Text Hummingbird document management, Business Objects, Microsoft Exchange, DB2, SQL Server and various file servers. Also, part of BCAA’s mission is to earn its members’ and customer’s trust by exceeding expectations for high value, enjoyment and peace of mind. To achieve this, it was of paramount importance to BCAA that they put their best efforts towards protecting sensitive personal information.


BCAA selected Vormetric based on top-notch performance, strong access controls and the ability to meet their diverse data protection needs through an easy to manage, centralized solution.

Vormetric delivered BCAA centralized data protection, regardless of the file, application or database type, and unlike other encryption solutions, Vormetric did not require any underlying changes to these applications. As a result, BCAA saved the time and costs associated with those development cycles. Additionally, Vormetric requires almost no administrative support as it encrypts and protects data, no matter where in the enterprise it resides.

Vormetric Data Security enabled BCAA to meet these PCI DSS requirements, as well as internal corporate data protection policies, to protect valuable information wherever it is stored within the enterprise. Vormetric made it easy for BCAA to account for the systems that needed compliance during implementation because Vormetric Data Security doesn’t create any changes in the applications and closes compliance gaps.

About BCAA

BCAA is dedicated to meeting the needs of its members and customers throughout B.C. and the Yukon, connecting them with a team of membership, automotive, travel and insurance professionals. With nearly 790,000 members and $130 million in revenues, BCAA is the largest organization of its kind in B.C. and the fourth largest CAA-affiliated association in Canada. For the past three years, BCAA was named one the 50 Best Employers in Canada by international HR consultants Hewitt Associates and the Globe & Mail’s Report on Business magazine. In addition, BCAA Insurance has been awarded the highest satisfaction rating among home insurance providers by consumer research group, J.D. Power and Associates.