Driven Solutions Safeguards its Clients with Vormetric Encryption

Headquartered in Carrollton, Texas, Driven Solutions is dedicated to providing the best in roadside assistance services and travel protection solutions. Founded in 1968 and privately owned, the company publicly declares the pride it takes in listening to its customers and crafting bundles of services that exactly meet the needs of each one. Serving the wholesale and retail markets, Driven Solutions customizes services for hundreds of programs and millions of households, delivering innovative private label programs that emphasize the human side of the multi-billion dollar industry.

Business Challenge

Many aspects of Driven Solutions’ business involve the use of personal credit card information. As such each transaction is governed by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) that mandates all stored cardholder data, irrespective of its format or state, must be encrypted. Additionally, Driven Solutions wanted to go beyond PCI DSS standards for encryption to ensure security of all relevant data.

By continually focusing on delivering and exceeding customers’ requirements, the company is very skilled at adapting to meet new expectations. Trey Smith, Driven Solutions’ chief technical officer, provided a typical example, “We have a very high profile customer that is extremely sensitive about how all forms of personally identifiable information (PII) are handled and secured. We listened to their perspectives and jointly decided that the implementation of an encryption solution that protected PII at rest and in motion would address the potential concerns.”

Technical Challenge

Smith recounted, “We’d been using a specialized function to encrypt credit card account numbers, but it was not fully cryptographically standardized and therefore didn’t meet the PCI compliance to the degree we desired.

“An additional requirement was that any encryption solution had to be able to support our mixed IT infrastructure. We run a diverse environment; including a Sun Solaris™ 10 stack for our legacy OLTP Sybase system and multiple Microsoft® SQL servers that host newer applications. In order to keep our IT operations running efficiently, we wanted a single encryption product that could support everything.”


Smith challenged his team to identify suitable candidates to evaluate. “After extensive research we selected Vormetric as the one solution we wanted to move forward to a proof-of-concept,” he recalled. “We really liked the encryption appliance approach and the low impact on performance. We also appreciated that it natively supported our Sybase and SQL databases: The cross-platform flexibility was very important because we don’t want to place limitations on our ability to continue to select best-in-class components as we expand, and we have too much going on to manage multiple encryption solutions.”

The proof-of-concept was conducted in Driven Solutions’ quality assurance environment. “The install went very smoothly: The Vormetric consultant gave us a hands-on education as part of his deployment process and the implementation was completed inside a day,” commented Smith. “After a week-long period of extensively testing the encryption capabilities we were thoroughly satisfied, and embarked on a coordinated rollout across our full production environment.”


Committed to minimizing impact on user operations, Smith’s team performed performance testing to quantify any overhead associated with the Vormetric encryption: He noted, “Our statistical analysis determined there was a nominal degree of additional latency, but significantly, when we surveyed the users they just couldn’t tell the difference.

“Perhaps even more important from a business perspective, we commissioned an external audit to review our data security solution and were delighted to be told that it passed with flying colors.”

He added, “When it comes to security no news is good news! We run a high availability 24x7 emergency call center, so the less we hear about the infrastructure the better. As far as I’m concerned Vormetric is a huge success because we just don’t need to think about it, it just does what it’s supposed to do.”

Customer Focus Drives Excellence

Smith concluded, “We saw an opportunity for improvement and quickly determined that Vormetric Data Security – with its flexibility, transparency and ease of use – would help us accomplish what was needed. We listened closely to our clients, and knew what we had to do to secure PII; we partnered with Vormetric to deliver a solution that meets everyone’s objectives.”