World Famous Japanese Town Implements Vormetric Encryption To Elevate Residents’ Protection

Located at the center of the nation, the Japanese town of Yamanouchi borders the world famous Joshinetsu Koger National Park, home of the celebrated hot spring dwelling Japanese Snow Monkeys. In addition, Shiga Kogen – the largest ski resort in Japan and one of the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics locations – is situated adjacent to Yamanouchi.

For two decades Yamanouchi’s Town Hall has been proactive in using technology and policies to ensure the integrity of citizen’s data. Having implemented the Japanese government’s Personal Information Security Policy mandates, the Town also has authored multiple administrative reforms that further protect the digital assets of its people and public organizations.


As part of its ongoing efforts to protect data, Yamanouchi Town Hall IT staff wanted to further increase security around the volumes of personal information it held; protecting it from both external attempts to breach the data and from users with incorrect authorization credentials. In order to be viable contenders for consideration, any additional security measures had to impose minimal extra workload on the town’s small IT department. Given the need to have Internetbased services and access to data continually available to its residents, the Town Hall could not justify introducing a solution that would cause downtime during implementation or one that had the potential to create any form of delay in response time for users.


To assist in its research efforts, the town enlisted the guidance of security experts Ryoyo Security Services. As a subsidiary of the Ryoyo Electro Corporation, the team offered a wide range of IT-related services and a solid reputation as a leader in customer satisfaction. After assessing the situation and defining the Town Hall’s requirements, the Ryoyo team recommended the implementation of Vormetric Data Security Manager.


Throughout encryption of the full suite of personal information managed by Town Hall personnel, everything proceeded smoothly, and the deployment was successfully managed in a manner that avoided any operational downtime.

Today, data on every server is fully protected and even if a user gains access to a file the information remains fully encrypted and therefore totally unintelligible unless they have the correct credentials to access the data. Leveraging the highly granular segmentation capabilities of Vormetric encryption, the Town Hall IT team has enforced policies to ensure that only an absolute minimum number of users are authorized to access individual data sets. With automatic data encryption and decryption, users have seen negligible impact to application functionality or response times.

Thanks to the extremely efficient and intuitive Vormetric administrative console, the workload on the IT department has remained virtually constant even though the town’s security posture has been significantly enhanced. And the citizens of Yamanouchi can be confident that, even in the event of a breach, all sensitive data is protected.