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Public Key Infrastructure Document & Deploy Service

Many businesses rely on digital certificates used as security tokens for a wide variety of purposes such as authentication, digital signing and encryption. While a multitude of services and applications can use these certificates, often a Certificate Authority will be deployed into a business to satisfy a single need without forethought as to how else it can be used.

Thales e-Security Advanced Solutions Group (ASG) can help your business reconsider its approach to certificates and PKIs, leveraging additional flexibility from what is now considered a core service to support multiple use cases and applications.

Thales Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Consulting Services help your business design and deploy a self-managed PKI customized to meet your specific needs. Based on Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services® as well as open source and other applications, Thales will help you establish the critical root of trust to ensure that your enterprise applications run securely.

Key Benefits:

  • Provides an experienced team of specialized security consultants
  • Delivers customized services to meet specific business needs
  • Reduces the risks of deployment with focus on best practices
  • Offers expert product knowledge and application know-how
  • Hardens the PKI root of trust to protect against cyber attacks