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Primarily focused on practical workshops with a certified exam at the end. The course is based on operational and key management duties using Local HSM Manager to access the latest Thales payments HSM - payShield 9000.

This course is aimed to provide security officers, operators, engineers and other technical staff with an overview of how the payShield 9000 hardware security module (HSM) is used in a banking environment, as well as a detailed understanding of how to operate the HSM and carry out key management duties. The course includes trainer led material, and practical workshops ending with a certified exam.

Approved to the most stringent security standards, the Thales HSM is a physically secure, tamper-resistant security server that provides cryptographic functions to secure transactions in financial applications including PIN encryption and verification, PIN block translation, debit card validation, stored value card issuing and processing, chip card issuing and processing, message authentication and symmetric key management.

Key Benefits

  • Mitigate your deployment risks and maximise your return on investment through Thales certified training
  • The pCSE provides the training to give your people the knowledge to get the most from your investment
  • Mitigate risk associated with implementing new hardware and software into new and existing environments
  • Increase your independence. Resolve issues faster and more effectively
  • Manage risks through increased awareness of configuration choices
  • Supply the skills your people need to deploy with confidence
  • Increase awareness of security policy impacts within your operating environment