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Data Transmission Security: Securing the Blurry Line between Classified and Unclassified Data

Now more than ever, data transmissions are an increasingly prevalent part of every military mission. From Headquarters to Tactical Operations Centers to the individual warfighter, the amount of data is massive and clear distinctions between classified and unclassified data transmission methods are progressively blurred. Top Secret and Secret classifications of data are well established and the methods for transporting these data types are known. But new methods are required to protect classified data as a result of the sheer volume of data, the time sensitive nature of the data, the number of data recipients, and the constraints associated with classified encryption devices. Debate over commercial encryption and double-commercial encryption methods for these new data classes continues. This paper will present a data transmission security strategy that can protect sensitive and unclassified data while preserving the integrity of established classified standards with minimal impact on network overhead and performance.

The security of data transmission cannot be achieved by encryption alone. Download the solution brief to learn more.