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MongoDB & Vormetric Application Encryption

MongoDB was designed to ensure data security and offers a host of protection technologies including robust authentication, role-based access control, encrypted communications, and strong auditing capabilities. However, it is also critical to protect data-at-rest against privileged users who have no need to access the data and attacks that bypass the database and target the underlying servers or physical storage. Data-at-rest includes the collection of unstructured files and structured databases, query reports, log files and other data sets that might contain sensitive or regulated information spread and copied across the infrastructure.

Thales e-Security, a MongoDB Advanced Partner, complements MongoDB security by delivering:

  • High-performance encryption
  • Easy-to-use integrated key management
  • Privileged user access control
  • Data access security intelligence

Unlike other solutions, this extensible platform is tunable to protect data as granular as specific fields or it can protect all the data within a given set of collections. The platform supports the broadest range of operating systems and environments in the industry. It delivers improved operational efficiencies through high-performance and centralized policy and key management with the Vormetric Data Security Manager (DSM).

Learn more about this solution by downloading the Brief.