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NexGen—Powered by Vormetric Encryption

Both industry and government are facing more exacting requirements with harsher and more severe penalties for losses of sensitive information. This translates into additional requirements for securing data at rest with encryption, controlling access to the data, and reporting on accesses or access attempts. Requirements for data security arise from a variety of sources, from executive mandates to secure intellectual property to external compliance rules such as PCI DSS, Sarbanes-Oxley Act, HIPAA/ HITECH Act, EU Data Protection Directive, and US state data protection and breach disclosure laws.

NexGen and Vormetric have teamed up to deliver a high-performance storage solution with encryption and key management capabilities to protect what matters, satisfying auditors, regulatory compliance requirements, business partners and addressing customer concerns around data security without compromising performance.

Key features and benefits include

  • Automatic encryption of any sensitive file
  • Centralized key and policy management
  • Patented encryption keeps sensitive data encrypted
  • Enforcement of role and user based decryption
  • Granular auditing of data access policy