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Thales keyAuthority Zettaset Secure Hadoop Encryption Solution Brief

How Thales and Zettaset are Delivering Enterprise-Class Encryption for Big Data Environments

Thales and Zettaset deliver a high-assurance, scalable key management and encryption solution for locking down sensitive information contained in Hadoop clusters.

The Hadoop encryption and key management solution combines high-performance, hardened key manager appliances with flexible software encryption components that are designed to ensure smooth interoperability in any data center environment. The combined approach delivers reliable security that meets enterprise policies, while following industry standards for interoperability.

Benefits and Features

  • Key Manager Appliance Delivers Higher Security Assurance and Availability
  • Virtually No Cluster Performance Impact
  • Easy to Install and Deploy for Quick Time to Value

Compliance Support for Consistent Enforcement of Controls

  • Encryption complements existing access control and LDAP/AD policy enforcement capabilities in Orchestrator
  • Can be used within an overall corporate or regulatory compliance program to protect sensitive data from unauthorized access
  • Complies with the KMIP standard for interoperability, allowing Hadoop encryption applications to coexist under a unified key management system for consistent policy enforcement and improved economies across the enterprise