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Information technology workloads in Amazon Web Services (AWS) can offer convenience and cost savings. However, you still need to follow security, privacy and compliance rules, as well as best practices for protecting data. Further, you need rapid data mobility across all clouds you use and those in your future, a need which can be compromised with cloud-vendor-specific encryption solutions.

Thales solutions help you meet these needs with advanced encryption and centralized key management giving you protection and control of data stored on your premises, Amazon Web Services, and other cloud providers.

  • Avoid vendor encryption lock-in and ensure the data mobility you need while you efficiently and securely spread workloads and data across multiple cloud vendors, including Amazon Web Services, with centralized, independent encryption management
  • Identify attacks faster with data access logging to industry leading SIEM applications
  • Reduce or eliminate risks arising from compromised credentials with advanced encryption including privileged user access controls
  • Follow industry best key management practices while using Amazon Key Management Services with centralized multicloud FIPS 140-2-certified key management.