InfoSecurity Magazine Webinar: Crunch time for securing big data, hosted by Vormetric and DataStax

The evolution of big data is in high gear. It is an exciting time but organisations are only just embracing the advantages that big data can bring to their business.

With few native security controls built into big data platforms, maintaining the confidentiality of an enterprise’s data becomes a significant challenge. Join Sol Cates, CISO of Vormetric and Johnny Miller, Solutions Architect of DataStax for an engaging discussion on how organisations can secure their big data environments. During this engaging interactive session, delegates will

  1. Understand how global organisations are using NoSQL technologies like Apache Cassandra™ to increase competitive advantage
  2. Have learned why traditional security solutions are unable to protect these environments
  3. Discover how to mitigate risks of storing large volumes of intellectual property in a centralised NoSQL repository while adhering to compliance mandates
  4. Understand how encryption in a NoSQL environment ingesting extremely large datasets in real-time can be transparently deployed without having to modify applications or re-architect the storage infrastructure
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