Welcome RSA DPM Customers: Make the Migration Now

RSA has announced end of product support for RSA Data Protection Manager. Thales e-Security offers a proven alternative and a simplified migration process to help keep your data secure.

RSA DPM Replacement

RSA has announced end of product support (EOPS) for RSA Data Protection Manager, as outlined in its notification. This impacts the following products:

  • RSA Data Protection Manager Appliance
  • RSA DPM Key Client
  • RSA DPM Token Client

The Vormetric Data Security Manager from Thales e-Security offers a proven alternative for RSA DPM customers.

RSA DPM Replacement
Maintaining a Secure and Compliant Posture

As RSA DPM end of support dates transpire, customer data may be unsecured and out of compliance with regulatory mandates around encryption and tokenization.

Increased Exposure to Cyber Threats

In the absence of security updates and patches, RSA DPM customers will face increasing exposure to threats, particularly any designed to specifically target the unsupported DPM platform.

Cumbersome Migration Process

Migrating to a new security platform can be a daunting task, especially where knowledge of the legacy product may be lacking due to normal attrition.

Vormetric Data Security Manager

The Vormetric Data Security Manager (DSM) offers data protection even beyond the capabilities of RSA DPM. DSM provides a proven alternative for encrypting and tokenizing your valuable data assets to meet regulations and mitigate cyber threats.

A Simplified Migration Path

Thales e-Security understands that fully migrating from RSA DPM is a daunting task for some larger enterprises, so we are pleased to offer a simple migration path that can be customized based on your schedule and requirements. To get started, Thales Advanced Solutions Group will set up a translation server to capture your current RSA DPM API calls, which will then be converted to Vormetric DSM calls. This will continue while you complete the full migration over the timeline that’s right for your business, all while avoiding business disruptions or periods of non-compliance.

Continued Compliance

By moving your data to the Vormetric DSM, you will ensure that it remains in compliance with regulatory requirements around data encryption and tokenization.

Extensive Expertise

The Thales e-Security team offers extensive expertise in encryption, tokenization and data protection strategies.

Enhanced Data Protection Capabilities

Vormetric DSM offers a feature-by-feature match with RSA DPM, along with additional capabilities that were not available with DPM. For example, Vormetric Transparent Encryption enables data-at-rest encryption, privileged user access control and the collection of security intelligence logs without re-engineering applications, databases or infrastructure.

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